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Meet The Team: Sarah Miskelly 


Sarah wasn’t just born and raised in Toronto, she was born and raised in the world of Real Estate. Growing up with property investor parents, she actively helped manage rental properties and now owns and manages multiple rental properties herself.

Her passion lies in investing, personal development, and financial education – applying all of these values to client relationships to help every buyer and seller achieve their personal Real Estate goals, and building inter-generational wealth through Real Estate.


How long have you worked in Real Estate?

I like to say I grew up in Real Estate – having managed property since I was 16. I’ve been in the sales side of Real Estate for 3 years now. 


What led you to pursue a career in real estate?

Out of school I wanted to pursue a masters in education and get into teaching. Weighing my options out of school, I decided Real Estate was a financially more viable option and I liked the freedom to create my own schedule and not have a ceiling of what I was capable of creating and earning. 


What do you love most about your job?

I get energized by being with people, being on-the-go and every day pushing myself to learn and grow.  Closing deals for my clients is also a really great feeling!


What do you love most about Toronto?

I’ve heard it said that Toronto is New York without the Bull Shit – I would agree. We literally have everything we need, it’s not too big and there is a ton of green space!


What neighbourhood is your favourite, and why?

I grew up in Roncesvalles – High Park – I live beside the park and take my dogs for long walks each morning. Probably won’t leave.


Do you have any favourite buildings?

My favourite soft-lofts are 383 Sorauren in the Roncesvalles area and Brant Park in King West – both are boutique buildings, great finishes by reputable developers. For Hard Lofts – Toy Factory in Liberty Village. It has a great community, classic finishes and really historic heritage. 


Why Lofts?

Why Lofts? to me Lofts are a blank canvas, they give you room to be creative and there’s a richness to them you don’t find when you are looking at a cookie-cutter condo.


What book did you read in 2017 that inspired you the most?

Relentless by Tim Grover – this book inspired me by relating the unstoppability of top athletes like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to what it takes to achieve high-results in business and in life.


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