An engaging neighbourhood with a trendy, mellow vibe.

Riverside Bridge serves as a figurative passageway along Queen East, taking you from Corktown to Riverside and Leslieville, welcoming you in with the thoughtful prose, “This river I step in is not the river I stand in.”

Comparisons are often drawn to its counterpart Queen West – yet the Leslieville-Riverside neighbourhood stands on its own as a progressive, yet established, family-friendly neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Perk

Condos will soon be a part of the Leslieville real estate landscape, as more and more old buildings are being converted. Such is the case with Jilly’s, which is now the must-see Broadview Hotel. There are also ample green spaces and restaurants straight out of a foodie’s dream, including numerous restaurants, cool cafes, and bars lining Queen Street East.

The Neighbours

This is a family-friendly neighbourhood that’s good for people of all ages. You can expect to see more 30-somethings moving in once they begin thinking of setting down roots and growing their family.

The Real Estate Run-Down

Leslieville real estate consists predominantly of houses (freehold, townhome, and semis) with lots of new boutique condo and loft-style projects in the works, including The Logan, 875 Queen East, and Riverside Square to name a few.
The neighbourhood is also pretty walkable. To get downtown, you can take readily available transit routes, bike, or hop in your car. There’s also easy to access the DVP for commuters.

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