Are you ready to reach the next stage in your life? If so, you need a clear strategy, the right market knowledge, and a team with a serious passion for the product to succeed. With Muse Realty, you’ll get all that and more. 

Here is what the process of moving up looks like with us: 


Lifestyle Assessment

Our first meeting is a complimentary one-on-one strategy session at our office to determine what you want in your next home and discuss the move-up process. We’ll talk about what you love and don’t love about your current space, your day-to-day life, and your plans for the future. You’ll get to know the process, and we’ll get to know your needs. 


Financial Set-Up

Once we know what you want, we’ll complete a market value assessment of your current home. By taking out expenses and taxes, we can calculate your net profit and determine a buying budget. We’ll outline the pros and cons of buying vs selling first, then help you get pre-approved for a mortgage.  

Want to keep your home as an investment property and become a landlord? We’ll supply all the information and next steps in a report.


Listing Game Plan

Next, we’ll set up a listing game plan that we can either act on immediately or put aside until after you buy your next home. Our plan includes: 

  • Reviewing your home’s condition, location, and competition to price your home effectively. 
  • Gathering floor plans and documents for potential buyers. 
  • A free home-staging assessment with a trusted professional.
  • Decluttering, repairing, and renovating as needed.
  • A custom marketing strategy for online, in print, and in person.


Market Experience Tours

On our market experience tour, you’ll see 3 – 5 homesbuildings (if you’re buying a condo), and neighbourhoods. After the tours, we’ll talk about the area, local property values, and how it matched up with what you want. This will help us find a target area. We’ll then set up a search on COLLAB, an easy to use system that sends you (and us) instant notifications of new listings in your preferred neighbourhood. 


Active Search

When viewing homes, we focus on efficiency. We know that life can get busy, so if you need (or want) to see 5 properties in a day, we will make it happen. When we find a strong candidate, we’ll complete a market analysis to determine the most accurate value of the home. 


Offers and Negotiations

We’ll review comparable properties, the current market, and the property’s value to determine a strong offer price. If you’re buying before you sell, we’ll get your starter-home on the market as soon as a seller accepts your offer. 


Closing and Next Steps

We’ll make this process as seamless as possible, whether you are selling or keeping your property as an income property. If you don’t have a lawyer already, we’ll connect you with one to complete all paperwork, exchange keys, pay all fees, and close the purchase.


But It’s Not Over Yet…

We won’t disappear, even after the paperwork is signed and the process of buying a home is complete! We’ll always be a call, text, or email away to answer your questions, provide you with service recommendations, or help you with your next move. 

We’re here to build your personal wealth beyond this single real estate transaction, which means we’re here for the long haul.